Civil Contracting Insurance: Tips for Making Your Claim Easy

As a civil contractor, it goes without saying that you need civil contracting insurance. The coverage helps you limit financial risks that may occur as a result of job site injuries, loss of equipment and other unforeseen complications that may arise in the course of duty. However, even with insurance, you never look forward to anything going wrong while working on a civil project. Unfortunately, the unexpected happens, and you may find yourself filing a claim with your insurance company after the occurrence of an insurable risk. You need to make sure that the process runs smoothly so that you can resume work as soon as possible. This article will address some of the ways to ensure that the claims process goes smoothly.

Keep accurate financial records

Civil contractors work with many types of equipment and machinery on their sites. If equipment malfunctions or gets damaged and you don't have the receipts for its purchase, repairs and upgrades, you may have a hard time proving loss to the insurance company. The claims process may drag on for months, or the company may fail to compensate you altogether. To avoid this, make sure that you have accurate records of all your assets. Keep track of the receipts, including those for the cost of repairs, tune-ups and upgrades. This will make it easy for the insurance company to value your assets after a loss and compensate you adequately.

Get evidence of damage

When an insurable risk occurs in the course of contracting work, your insurance company will ask for proof of the accident. The matter of producing evidence can raise controversy, especially if the insurer claims that the damage was intentional. Make sure that you have proof of the damage before contacting the company. Take pictures and videos of the damaged machinery and present them when making a claim. Also, do not disturb the scene of the accident before taking the photographs. If any persons have been injured in the process, make sure that they see a doctor, and get proper medical records to corroborate their injuries.

Contact the insurer immediately

One of the greatest mistakes that you can make after an accident is failing to contact the insurance company as soon as possible. Most companies view this as an attempt to alter evidence and receive more compensation that you deserve. As a result, the company may take months to process your claim. Always contact the insurer immediately the accident occurs. Whether there is damage to equipment, accidents on your site or a natural disaster that you are insured against, make sure that the company is notified immediately. They will send a rep to assess the damage and write a report immediately.

Follow these tips to ensure that your civil contracting claim goes smoothly and is processed within the shortest time.