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Financial Bunker: A Blog About The Importance Of Insurance

About Me

Jake Thompson, the well-known financial adviser has referred to insurance as “a financial bunker for tough times”. What a wonderful, accurate image. Life is unpredictable and even people like me with a laissez-faire attitude can’t afford to ignore the future.
Recently, I was involved in a serious accident and I was grateful that I had a “financial bunker” to rely on. Indeed, it was a wake-up call because I had just enough insurance cover to see me through. I spent my convalescing time wisely and researched new insurance options. I am really impressed with all the packages that are now available.
I know that most people don’t have the luxury of extended sick leave to search through insurance offerings. I have started this blog to highlight the best advice and packages I have come across. I hope you find something to take on board as you browse. Thank you.