Asking the Right Questions About Commercial Truck Insurance

When you own or operate a commercial truck of any sort, you want to ensure you have the right insurance. This isn't like having insurance for your own private car or even for a fleet vehicle, as there may be different types of liability involved with a heavy-duty truck. This is why it's important to ask the right questions about getting commercial truck insurance for your business. Note a few of those questions here and discuss these with your truck insurance agent.

1. Always ask about the weight classifications for different types of truck insurance.

Don't assume that a delivery van is in the same type of insurance category as a heavy-duty truck, or vice versa. The use of the truck as well as their weight will affect the type of insurance they're required to have and what is covered. When discussing the needed insurance for your truck, be sure you discuss the materials it will haul and its overall weight, both when empty and when carrying a full cargo area, so you know you're properly covered.

2. Ask about risk management.

Risk management means reducing your risk of a crash with your truck, and many insurance companies offer this type of information free of charge to their customers. It can include safety classes, inspection of your truck, safety checklists, and other ways of ensuring that your drivers and your truck are safe when on the road.

Ask your insurance agent about any type of risk management course or other information and resources they can offer and take full advantage of these. In some cases, this can actually lower your premiums or deductibles or give you a type of rebate on your insurance costs, so it can be beneficial to at least consider them.

3. Note if machinery or other such equipment is included in insurance.

If you use your commercial truck to haul a trailer or if it has a crane attached to the bed, be sure you ask your insurance agent about this type of equipment and coverage. In some cases, your insurance may cover the truck alone and nothing that you're hauling. If you don't specifically note that the truck has a crane or other equipment in the bed, this can mean that it's not actually insured. Be sure you discuss all details of add-ons, equipment, machinery, and everything else about your truck so you know you have complete coverage and nothing is overlooked.